Why choose a hardware solution?

Why make a hardware router?

Many people want a simple anonymiser that works out of the box. The Tor browser is available for free here, but there are significant additional benefits to running Tor in a router.

Ease of Set Up

Just put it on. Simply connect to the cloaked Wi-Fi network to keep you IP address private. There is no software to install.


Cloak will be supplied in a configuration that will do exactly what is says it does on the box. It is set up by experts for keen beginners.

One Cloak, many devices

Cloak makes Tor available to everything it connects. The alternative is to set up and configure Tor software for every computer and smart device that needs it, including those of any visitors whose online behavior you don’t want to be held responsible for.

Cloak is great value

₤35 ( about $53 ) is good value for a portable router with 16 MB Flash and 64 MB Ram.

Why the High Specs

8 MB of Flash and 32 MB Ram would be cheaper and easily available off the shelf. Unfortunately it won’t work.

  • OpenWrt needs 3 MB of flash storage
  • The Luci Web GUI needs about 0.5 MB
  • Tor needs another 1 MB
  • Open SSL (required for Tor) needs 2 MB

When it runs Cloak uses roughly 60% of the 64 MB of RAM it has available. 32 MB just won’t work.

Uncompressed the software packages will just about fit in 8 MB of storage. The problem is that these packages will get bigger with our updates – they always do. The hardware could easily become impossible to update before the end of its useful life and we don’t want a reputation for making rubbish.