What You Can Do

If you are concerned about overreach of government into our private lives we would like to reassure you that you are not alone. We campaign as well as encouraging and participating in efforts to develop technical solutions for the protection of the many from surveillance by the few.

What You Can Do

Give us your feedback on Private Social Networking.

Protest against surveillance by using services that seek to prevent it. If your political representatives aren’t listening, take direct action to register your objection to assaults on your right to privacy.

Use Tor Sometimes

Download and use a Tor Browser occasionally whether you need to or not. Tor makes it is impossible for your internet service provider (ISP) to monitor your web searches. If you live in a place like the United Kingdom with illiberal laws that require ISP’s to monitor your searches, this tool makes a mockery of those laws by making them unenforceable. Go to www.torproject.org , inform yourself and register your protest by using a Tor browser sometimes. 

Use Signal

Encrypt your private messages. Western Governments – particularly the United Kingdom – are trying to strong arm Whats App into compromising you, so use Signal instead. Signal is an open source project managed by Open Whisper Systems for the commons. It is scrutinised by independent security experts and there is no central authority that can be lent on and bullied into compromising your privacy. It’s free – use it.

Use Ad Blockers

Internet advertisements compromise your privacy – block ’em for your own good.

Use Linux

Respect the Penguin. People have spent lifetimes of voluntary time writing a perfectly good operating system that will make your computer faster, more reliable and more secure than Windows – it’s a bit rude not to use it. It’s free and open source and so like signal, is hard for politicians using strong arm tactics to interfere with it. Find a friend who uses it and ask for help to get you going. You’ll be surprised at how friendly and supportive penguin lovers can be.

Visit the Linux website and join the community or look for other resources. Compute Freely is, for example, a great resource for beginners.