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We have made the decision to offer Cloak routers built on our development hardware. They are more expensive than we would like but they do work and our code is published and subject to criticism by experts. We take that constructive criticism on board and are praised because of it.

Let’s just say that Cloak is reassuringly expensive.

Any profit from these sales will be retained to provide capital for funding the step to mass manufacture.

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Ultimately we plan to deliver the finished Cloak product on the hardware platform we designed for it and at the price we intended. We want to make online privacy affordable and convenient for non experts. Donations to the cause are gratefully accepted.


During the latter part of 2014 we ran a Kickstarter project in an attempt to raise funds for an initial manufacturing run of Cloak routers. The flurry of crowd sourcing activity related to anonymity routers was documented by Andy Greenberg ( author of This Machine Kills Secrets ) in a series of articles for Wired magazine that focused on the meteoric rise and embarrassing fall of Anonabox. Our project was noted to be “promising” in Greenberg’s analysis of the fallout.

Our crowd sourcing effort was drowned out in the noise surrounding this fiasco. We have decided for the time being to go it alone and are relying on you to support the effort by asking your friends, family and associates to visit this site and support the project.

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