Private Social Networking

Private Social Networking

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We propose a scalable Private Social Network that uses Tor for transport and hidden service .onion sites as nodes. It would be surveillance free by design. Use permission is completely decentralised to the node operator. Deliverable as a solution in a hardware box or as a web service, users can choose how much privacy they want.

An individual could establish a home based hardware node exclusively for their own use – a private anonymous drop box. Families may prefer to keep their private social exchanges off of Facebook and in their own possession. A corporation can establish nodes for company wide use allowing secure private sharing between groups of executives. A law firm might use one to maintain confidentiality with their clients. Journalists might help their sources establish nodes to protect their identities.

By developing a method for automating the establishment of Tor hidden service nodes running a simple social media web app, we seek to help ordinary people share without abandoning their privacy. By reducing the technical competence required to establish public facing access points hosted in liberal democracies we seek to frustrate efforts to curtail public use of anonymous services by autocratic governments. 

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