Frequently Asked Questions



Will Cloak make me completely anonymous on the Internet?

The short answer is “no it will not”.  It makes private connections over Tor that prevent illegal eavesdropping.

Tor is designed to be incapable of identifying you. Most ordinary people happily identify themselves when they need to and don’t care about anonymity. They do very much care about the privacy of specific communications and this is what Cloak is meant to address.

Does Cloak encrypt data?

Yes. Cloak will encrypt the traffic it exchanges with devices over Wi-Fi to prevent local eavesdropping. Tor traffic is by definition encrypted until it leaves the exit node. Between the Tor exit node and any websites you access, encryption depends on the site.

– Sites that begin with https:// encrypt data ensuring end to end security.

– Sites that begin with http:// ( some browsers show no prefix at all ) can be viewed without giving information away, but anything you post to them or any cookies you accept from them can be seen by eavesdroppers.

Does Cloak help prevent geolocation?

Yes. Data requests sent over the Cloaked network will appear to come from a Tor exit node – not you. Cloak makes it almost impossible to detect where you are from your IP address alone. It doesn’t prevent you from saying where you are and it doesn’t stop the applications you use from locating you – you need to switch them off (or override them with device settings) and think about what you say too if you need to keep your location to yourself.

Does Cloak stop people tracking my browsing?

It stops one way of tracking you – nobody can know your internet address. It does not prevent advertising and traffic analysis companies tracking you with cookies. Turn them off in your browsers privacy settings and use an ad blocker if you want to keep the hucksters out of your life when you’re shopping – they sell the information your cookies tell them.

In other words, Cloak is a tool that will help protect your privacy on the Internet, but it is not a magic box that will do it all for you.

Will Cloak slow down my browsing experience?

The open network is fast. The Cloaked network is slower because Tor routes your traffic through a number of random “relays” encrypting each of these connections.  Bandwidth isn’t affected much by using Tor but latency is increased. In plain English – the time from clicking on a link until pages start to load is longer, but the page still loads quickly.

Does Cloak avoid censorship?

Yes. Cloak prevents you ISP from knowing which site you are connecting to so they are unable to block them.


Can Cloak operate as a Tor Relay or as a Tor Exit node?

The short answer is no!  There are two reasons for this.  First of all Cloak will typically operate behind an existing NAT firewall, in which case it would require quite a lot of configuration to make this work (and Cloak is meant for non-technical users).  Second is a simple matter of resources.  Relays/Bridges require quite a lot of memory to operate and this is more than what is available in the Cloak.

We compensate for this by including the cost of running exit nodes in the cost of the Cloak.


What are the hardware specifications?

CPU Atheros AR9331 (MIPS architecture) @ 400 MHz
Storage 16 MB Flash
Power USB Micro-B < 500 mA
Ethernet 2 x 10/100 Mbps RJ-45
USB 1 USB Host
Standard IEEE 802.11 b/n/g
Frequency 2,412 – 2,472 GHz
Power 100 mW


Can I make my own firmware for the Cloak device?

Reclaim Your Privacy  Cloak  · GitHub

Most certainly yes!  The Cloak firmware is 100 % Open Source, so anybody with the necessary technical skills can clone the Git repository and build their own modified firmware.

I don’t like your Cloak firmware and I think I can do much better!  Can I use standard OpenWrt on Cloak?

Of course you can.  There might be a few things that will require tweaks to OpenWrt (such as LED’s for example – more on this when the Cloak hardware is finalised), but it should be relatively straight forward to make OpenWrt work.

However, we would much prefer a discussion with “you” about what it is you don’t like and your help and assistance to make the Cloak firmware better!  Simply clone our repository on Github, and if you come up with something clever, please do send us a pull request.  That is the nature and essence of Open Source.