The Cloak firmware is a fork of OpenWrt.

Only a few changes has been made to the core of OpenWrt:

  • Cloak hardware added as a target platform
  • A few bug fixes

The source of the Cloak/OpenWrt core is on Github:

In addition to these few changes, a number of OpenWrt packages have been modified.


Luci is the standard web-based GUI for Cloak (and OpenWrt).  Currently mostly cosmetic changes have been made, but we are planning to include some Tor configuration in Luci.

The source of Luci is on Github:

Extra Packages

A number of extra OpenWrt packages has been developed.  These are all an essential part of the finished Cloak product, but like the core of the Operating System, they are 100 % Open Source.

  • Cloak (OpenWrt package: Cloak)
  • Tor-Cloak (Customized version of latest stable version of Tor)

The Cloak package provides the default configuration of Cloak/OpenWrt.  The Tor-Cloak package contains the latest stable version of Tor that has been tweaked to integrate well with OpenWrt/Luci (PROCD compatible init script).

The source of the extra packages is on Github: