Cloak Project Status

Cloak Project Status

This project was a response to the Snowden revelations. We developed a plug and play anonymity router from open source code and standard hardware because we could. Our crowd funding campaign aimed at commercialisation of the Onion router we called Cloak failed. It was eclipsed in the spectacular crash and burn of a Kickstarter fraud called Anonabox that was launched shortly before. You can read all about it at Wired.

There is real debate about the relative merits of different approaches to making privacy technology easy to use and safe.  We may elect to restart the Cloak project in future if enough of you want us to. Watch our news feed for ongoing discussion of the possibilities.

For now the Cloak project is on ice. The project archives are available but not necessarily maintained.

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Private communication is a human right. Anyone can maintain privacy using free open source tools and no amount of law can possibly change that fact. You can’t pass a law that breaks encryption any more than you can pass a law that bans gravity. This has profound political implications and there needs to be better informed better quality public debate about it.

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