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Warranty void?

Please August, can I have another Anonabox? Lars broke the last one – he soldered some stuff to it so he could get the open source code out. “This is what happens when you combine amateur hour with money,” says

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Bitten Hands

Sadness -we didn’t see the A Register in time to cancel our order. Anonabox’s August Germar has told us the security shortcomings were addressed by March 20, 2015, after the upstart was acquired by Sochule.  

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Overwhelming Interest

When I wrote my Anonabox Analysis yesterday evening, I expected perhaps a few comments from a few nerds.  I mostly wrote the analysis because I was curious.  I have spent a huge amount of time on the Cloak firmware, and I

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Government Surveillance

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Lars Boegild Thomsen has dissected Anonabox – it gave up without a fight. For the more technical amongst you, you can skip straight to the gory details here.  The short version is, it doesn’t have any security at all –

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Cloak on the Radio

Cloak was discussion on BFM 89.9 in Malaysia today. For those that missed the original broadcast, BFM have made a Podcast available.

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Tor engineers help to implement cool feature in Cloak

One problem facing non expert Tor users is the risk that apps running in the background send identifying information in plain sight through the same connection they are using for Tor. This makes it possible for a clever snooper to

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Getting the Right Cloak

It will never be possible to make a device such as Cloak that will please everybody.  Some people want the device as secure as possible and some people prefer it to be more user friendly.  Some people want sensible default,

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“Right to privacy not absolute” – GCHQ boss

If you like, you can quite legally just ignore GCHQ boss Robert Hannigan’s opinions about your rights. Go to Kickstarter and get a Cloak.  

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Why Facebook is running a Tor hidden service

The conspiracy theorists are out in force on the move by social media giant Facebook to open a hidden service portal for Tor users. After all, why on earth would the operator of the most  notorious private information hemorrhaging service

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