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Overwhelming Interest

When I wrote my Anonabox Analysis yesterday evening, I expected perhaps a few comments from a few nerds.  I mostly wrote the analysis because I was curious.  I have spent a huge amount of time on the Cloak firmware, and I

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Anonymity Issue Fixed

Yesterday, Steve Lord (@stevelord on twitter) did a screen cast, where he was essentially dissecting the Cloak firmware.  I was fully aware of his intentions and had in fact provided him with a firmware copy myself.  I thoroughly enjoy being

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Tor engineers help to implement cool feature in Cloak

One problem facing non expert Tor users is the risk that apps running in the background send identifying information in plain sight through the same connection they are using for Tor. This makes it possible for a clever snooper to

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Getting the Right Cloak

It will never be possible to make a device such as Cloak that will please everybody.  Some people want the device as secure as possible and some people prefer it to be more user friendly.  Some people want sensible default,

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Cloak electronics reduced to half a playing card in size

Our core module has been moved to sit on the underside of the board. This reduces the footprint of Cloaks electronics to about half the size of a playing card. The model to the right shows a pair of Cloak

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Tor Updates in Cloak

Runa A Sandvik asked me a question on Twitter: @LarsCloaked @thorsheim @SikkSymp Will you maintain the Tor package in OpenWRT and ensure users can easily update? — Runa A. Sandvik (@runasand) October 30, 2014 The answer to that question is

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Why Design our own Hardware?

Some people have asked, and more will probably ask, why on earth we bother designing our own hardware for the Cloak.  I will try to answer that question in this post.  Be warned, this will get rather technical. First of all,

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Cloak Firmware Upgrade

One concern that has been raised about the Cloak and a valid concern with most embedded devices is the concern about software updates.  Both the OpenWrt and the Tor projects are constantly improving functionality and fixing bugs and these new

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Exit Node Picking Up Traffic

Looks like our new Exit Node has begun to pick up traffic. Complete live statistics is here.

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Launch of First Tor Exit Node

We have just launched our first Tor exit node. As we are aware that our Cloak device put additional load on the Tor network, we are committed to compensate for this load by putting up additional exit nodes.  This is

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