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Guy Fawkes – a British festival goes global

English football, Dr Who and Grand Theft Auto are among a growing list of unlikely British global exports that now includes Guy Fawkes Night. In the process of expatriation Mr Fawkes has undergone a transformation. For hundreds of years British

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Downing Street supports GCHQ

It seems the current PM is supporting GCHQ who, having been caught breaking the law are now saying that technology companies who don’t collaborate with them are immoral. Go figure. The British PM’s office is cheering on civil servants in

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Tor engineers help to implement cool feature in Cloak

One problem facing non expert Tor users is the risk that apps running in the background send identifying information in plain sight through the same connection they are using for Tor. This makes it possible for a clever snooper to

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“Right to privacy not absolute” – GCHQ boss

If you like, you can quite legally just ignore GCHQ boss Robert Hannigan’s opinions about your rights. Go to Kickstarter and get a Cloak.  

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Why Facebook is running a Tor hidden service

The conspiracy theorists are out in force on the move by social media giant Facebook to open a hidden service portal for Tor users. After all, why on earth would the operator of the most  notorious private information hemorrhaging service

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Wow – Facebook comes onside?

We weren’t expecting this Mr Zuckerberg. Looks like there is a whole new reason for the public to want a Tor router like Cloak. Expect a lot of fallout over this one.

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Having a chat with Adrian Wade about Cloak and privacy

We managed to sit down with Adrian Wade, project lead for the Cloak router, a basic router developed so that ordinary people can use the protection allowed by the Tor community for their own privacy without needing to know a

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Cloak is on track

We are just three (or one generous one ) backers short of being on track after 24 hours – this is good news. Thanks to all of you who have backed us, posted and shared so far. Our biggest challenge

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Make Stephen Smile

We think that if a lot of you take action and make Cloak a success, it will make Stephen Fry smile. What do you think?

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Cloak Is Go!

This project has been launched. Please help us help you reclaim your privacy.

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