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Don’t leave home without it

Keeping things P & C can be a hassle – we are making it as convenient as possible.

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Cloak electronics reduced to half a playing card in size

Our core module has been moved to sit on the underside of the board. This reduces the footprint of Cloaks electronics to about half the size of a playing card. The model to the right shows a pair of Cloak

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Why Design our own Hardware?

Some people have asked, and more will probably ask, why on earth we bother designing our own hardware for the Cloak.  I will try to answer that question in this post.  Be warned, this will get rather technical. First of all,

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10, 9, 8, 7, 6…

We just submitted this demo video at request of Kickstarter.  The engineers are in the basement strapping down the servers and making final preparations. The campaign manager is stuck in a perpetual email checking loop. Not long now….  

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Cloak PCB 3D Rendering

The Cloak PCB is still a work in progress but here is an interactive 3D rendering of the current version. The Schematics and PCB is available on our Github. The missing components is the result of them not having been

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Development History

Warning!  Extremely nerdy stuff ahead! Back in February, when the idea of the Cloak first emerged, I had some doubts if it was at all possible to run Tor on a small embedded router.  The only way to be certain

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