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Can They See My D*ck? Not if you use Cloak!

I really enjoy John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight show on HBO.  In last Sunday’s show, John Oliver managed to take Government surveillance to a level everybody can relate to.  Not only is the show itself quite informative and interesting, but

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Government Surveillance

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Pew reasearch – Americans want more privacy

This survey by Pew shows how Americans view the state of privacy in their country – “not positively” is a fair summary. According to the survey, the majority Americans would like to do more to protect themselves, but don’t think

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Guy Fawkes – a British festival goes global

English football, Dr Who and Grand Theft Auto are among a growing list of unlikely British global exports that now includes Guy Fawkes Night. In the process of expatriation Mr Fawkes has undergone a transformation. For hundreds of years British

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Privacy vs. Anonymity

There is often some confusion (to be honest I am fairly certain you can find examples on this very site) about Privacy versus Anonymity. Wikipedia has got the following two descriptions: Anonymity: Anonymity, adjective “anonymous”, is derived from the Greek word

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