About Us

Cloak Project Lead

Adrian Wade, Director at Bright Things UN Ltd, lives in Bristol and has a background in telecom network infrastructure with Ericsson, Emerson Network Power and his own consultancy business HyperCube Sdn Bhd. Adrian’s wild ideas were the seed that became the Cloak project, and he remains the primary driver and face of the project.

Cloak Community Organisation

Praba Ganesan is an online marketeer and public opinion leader who operates Voices Consultancy in Malaysia. He was responsible for the social media campaign that was credited with helping return a majority of the popular vote to Malaysia’s opposition coalition in 2013 for the first time in the country’s history. Praba’s main responsibility in the Cloak project is to communicate our progress and intent to our backers, media and the general public that may be interested.

Cloak Technical team

First of all, the software stack is the fruit of the labours of the legions of open source developers, too numerous to mention – thank you all. We couldn’t have done it without you.

Lars Bøgild Thomsen, Director at Bright Things, has years of experience in putting Linux on embedded devices and setting up non-conventional network strategies. He maintains the OpenWrt fork of Cloak, created the Tor OpenWrt package, and made it all work on our hardware platform.

Edwin Chen, founder and CEO of Dragino who make a generic router that formed the development platform of the Cloak software stack in the early days. Later, Edwin Chen designed a much smaller so called Linux module, known as Dragino HE, which is the central part in the Cloak device. Edwin is also contributor to Open Source IP PBX IP04 and WiFi Mesh VoIP Adapter MP01. Dragino itself is open sourced.

Niclas Hedhman, Director at Bright Things, is a professional software developer with 30 years experience in fields from industrial automation to online colour management to investment banking. He is an Apache Software Foundation contributor (since 1998) and (emeritus) member (since 2007). For the Cloak project, Niclas is producing the hardware designs (schematics & PCB layout) beyond the Dragino HE module, and assisting in the OpenWRT adaption to the hardware platform.


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