Are Tories more dangerous than terrorists?

The most intrusive, disrespectful and deliberately obtuse regime in the era of modern democracy is wounded and has announced it’s plans to lash out at it’s innocent people in retaliation for the bloody nose it’s been dealt. Poor people burn to death in patched up faux modern Dickensian slums, computer systems crash nationwide putting medical services under life threatening stress and the police warn of their lack of resources to control the riots they see coming.

The Conservative government crippled by its arrogance, would like you to believe that the visible consequences of starving public services of money, decimating council building budgets and refusing to pay down corporate America’s software service contracts aren’t the biggest threat we face. Like “Comical Ali” the Iraqi information minister denying the US invasion of Baghdad as tanks rolled into shot behind him, the UK government is standing in front of their burning and crumbling country telling you that “this isn’t the problem you’re looking for.”

The ONLY Policy

The only significant policy discernible in the thicket of Brexit themed platitudes that formed the Queens speech last week was another threat to liberty dressed up in a bare faced lie; the United Kingdom has “a world class regime protecting personal data” the Queen was forced to say and went on to inform us that there will be a new “Digital Charter” to protect this non status and thereby keep us safe.

As bitter experience tells us, a new Digital Charter means that the British Fuhrer plans to have Amber Rudd increase their already world shaming powers of surveillance in a bid to distract your attention. They wan’t you to believe that there is some technically sophisticated global Jihadi network that your right to a private life is getting in the way of them dismantling. They think that passing laws fit for fascist dictators makes them look hard and serious and they know that they can just claim their covert strategy “works” because counter terrorism operations are always hidden from public scrutiny: “Just trust us, we need to spy on you for your own good.”

Do they? Do you? I urge you to think about it hard.

The Body Count

Jihadi Terrorism of the sort seen in Manchester and London recently doesn’t even have a coherent political objective. It’s just nutters murdering people at random because they want to be viewed as terrorists. Sick, very very sad and stupid, but completely opaque to mass surveillance. Even if even greater surveillance of the masses could improve security from this sort of nutter – which it emphatically cannot – it isn’t anywhere near the biggest threat to our safety.

The UK Government is responsible for more death and large scale mayhem than terrorists this horrible month and they couldn’t stop them either. It was an ordinary kid with a computer that saved the NHS from the weapons grade viral worm exploit called wannacry. It was ordinary people that arrested the nutter in a van at Finsbury Park, it was ordinary people that supported each other when Grenfell tower burned and it is ordinary people who will have to start protecting themselves from intrusion by this overbearing, incompetent and dangerous government.

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