Return of the May queen, again

The architect of the UK government’s assault on the right to privacy has been battered. Though the beast is mortally wounded, she is so obsessed with creating the legacy of a Benthamesque digital panopticon the she felt the need to declare it as one of her dying intentions. Apart from some more vacuous nonsense about Brexit and fairness, it was the only thing she had to say after returning from the palace on June the 9th 2017.

“[This government] will work to keep our nation safe and secure by delivering the change that I set out following the appalling attacks in Manchester and London” –  “giving the police and the authorities the powers they need to keep our country safe”

Theresa May, 9-June-2017


Deception and Nonsense

Theresa May is talking utter nonsense. She “calculated” that saying this will make her look tough. She knows very well that the powers she proposes will be no impediment whatsoever to lunatic murderers who decide to attack random people in the street. Claiming that being able to read encrypted messages would somehow grant the police the power to magically see brutal low tech murder coming is patently absurd and insults our intelligence.

She has just lost an election she didn’t need to call and is making unconscionable political pacts to shore up her tattered legitimacy. She doesn’t understand the complex way in which the fabric of our modern world is all bound up in digital security and how important the integrity of our private communication has become in an era where social media companies can practically read the mind of an electorate and sell it to the highest bidder.

Why this blog is being written again

Theresa May is threatening to legislate against the right to be protected from intrusion by government and would like you to remain ignorant of the facts: She can’t ban encryption, she can’t defeat encryption, she can’t legislate it away and it would do nothing but damage to your security if she could. She can’t protect you.

Much more importantly, she has no intention of involving herself in debate about what it would mean for democracy if a magic wand existed that could let her have her way. She has to go now and her snoopers charter, an affront to human rights, needs to go with her.

This blog is calling her out and seeks to encourage the rational informed debate she will do anything to avoid.

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