Year: 2017

A polite difference of opinion- MIT Media Lab and PSN

Chelsea Barabas, Neha Narula and Ethan Zuckerman from the respected MIT Media Lab argue in Wired Magazine last week that the decentralised networks on which practical  Private Social Networks (PSN’s) would rely are wishful thinking. In their view the obstacles to the

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Boomtown 2017 – Behind the Mask

This show is surely one of the most magnificent and beautifully crafted pieces of anarchic art in the world. Legions of volunteers sweat for weeks to build a psychedelic parody of a city on the wooded hills of Winchester, England.

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Are Tories more dangerous than terrorists?

The most intrusive, disrespectful and deliberately obtuse regime in the era of modern democracy is wounded and has announced it’s plans to lash out at it’s innocent people in retaliation for the bloody nose it’s been dealt. Poor people burn

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Return of the May queen, again

The architect of the UK government’s assault on the right to privacy has been battered. Though the beast is mortally wounded, she is so obsessed with creating the legacy of a Benthamesque digital panopticon the she felt the need to

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