Overwhelming Interest

When I wrote my Anonabox Analysis yesterday evening, I expected perhaps a few comments from a few nerds.  I mostly wrote the analysis because I was curious.  I have spent a huge amount of time on the Cloak firmware, and I am always looking for inspiration and ideas to make it a better product.

What I did not expect was nearly 12000 page views in less than 18 hours and an avalanche of tweets.  Hell, we actually got mentioned on a Twitter Trending site and _that_ is the first time in my life I have been accused of being trendy.

What this does show however is that there is still a huge need for a product like Cloak and the importance of such a product being Open Source, so that the security aspects can be scrutinized by the community.

So far, Cloak is the only product that has actually posted public source code that can be used to build a firmware image from scratch – absolutely NO binaries that could hide potential back doors.  We are also the only ones that have actually ported Tor to OpenWrt and are not relying in an old Tor version from the OpenWrt project that is now dead and unsupported.

Please do comment on our forum if you have any questions regarding Cloak and/or my Anonabox Analysis.

I am Lars from Bright Things UN Ltd.. I am responsible for maintaining the Cloak firmware. My profile on .

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