Lars Boegild Thomsen has dissected Anonabox – it gave up without a fight. For the more technical amongst you, you can skip straight to the gory details here.  The short version is, it doesn’t have any security at all – not even an access password.

It does connect to Tor. Not having any Wi Fi encryption and leaving root access password set to ‘admin’ is about as private as taking a piss in a glass bathroom with your microphone still on.

Dig the chutzpah

Scamming the public for 80 thousand dollars under cover of a “no guarantees” Indiegogo crowdfunding project and then selling the company has a bit of derring do about it. I like August Germar – he wrote to me personally and offered to buy me a beer if I’m ever in Chico – so I’m going to defend him.

We think he’s just honestly and utterly incompetent.

4,000 site hits in 6 hours

This is getting a lot of attention – at Reclaim Your Privacy we’re considering a Cloak resurrection for Easter.

We’ll be happy to answer any questions  in our forum.

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