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Thanks to all of you who backed this project.

Kickstarter hasn’t produced the cash we needed to manufacture Cloak just yet. As long as governments and corporations conspire to confound private attempts to maintain the legitimate confidentiality of business, legal and personal communication, a market for purpose built consumer privacy hardware will grow. We have no doubt that Tor Hardaware Routers will be available off the shelf soon.

We discovered that a new market, still haunted by snake oil purveyors with walking wounded integrity is a very hard place to do business. We think the public have simply been scared away for now – they will be back, and like true professionals, we actually prefer informed and properly skeptical customers.

The team are proud to have come out of this without any serious technical objections to our work. Kudos particularly to Lars Bøgild Thomsen and Niclas Hedhman whose foreknowledge of the depth and range of technical concerns and opportunities showed extraordinary prescience. They are nobody’s fools and Bright Things’ reputation is enhanced by this exercise.

The substantial engineering effort put into Cloak does not go on the scrap heap. Our firmware implementation is published and remains the property of the commons. We will continue to develop and use it where it’s relevant to our future planned projects.

From a hardware point of view, Bright Things’ offer to manufacture Cloak or similar specified alternates remains open. We are constrained by the need to finance minimum economic component order volumes in the context of specific tooling costs.

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