Month: November 2014

In a shop near you soon

Thanks to all of you who backed this project. Kickstarter hasn’t produced the cash we needed to manufacture Cloak just yet. As long as governments and corporations conspire to confound private attempts to maintain the legitimate confidentiality of business, legal

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Dear Theresa

I read about your plans to make Internet Service Providers record user IP addresses It’s easy to collect the data you want, but expensive to store and keep secure. It’s very powerful because it provides geolocated identification – it’s

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Cloak on the Radio

Cloak was discussion on BFM 89.9 in Malaysia today. For those that missed the original broadcast, BFM have made a Podcast available.

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Pew reasearch – Americans want more privacy

This survey by Pew shows how Americans view the state of privacy in their country – “not positively” is a fair summary. According to the survey, the majority Americans would like to do more to protect themselves, but don’t think

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Businessmen targeted by data thieves

The business insider reports that traveling business executives are being actively targeted by criminals in their hotel rooms. More evidence that you need to protect your own business – public networks simply can’t be trusted with confidential information. Cloak is

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We’ve dropped a gauntlet

Steve Lord, security pro and co founder of 44Con reports on the apparent scam called Anonabox. It’s been booted from Kickstarter but is now back up on Indiegogo and taking peoples money. Steve wrote, “Adrian Wade of the Cloak project

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Don’t leave home without it

Keeping things P & C can be a hassle – we are making it as convenient as possible.

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UK Government caught breaking the law – again

Robert Hannigan’s reasons for defending the UK governments practice of breaking the law to obtain information becomes clearer. It isn’t clear why he was talking about it in terms of your rights – our government obviously doesn’t care about them.

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Guy Fawkes – a British festival goes global

English football, Dr Who and Grand Theft Auto are among a growing list of unlikely British global exports that now includes Guy Fawkes Night. In the process of expatriation Mr Fawkes has undergone a transformation. For hundreds of years British

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Downing Street supports GCHQ

It seems the current PM is supporting GCHQ who, having been caught breaking the law are now saying that technology companies who don’t collaborate with them are immoral. Go figure. The British PM’s office is cheering on civil servants in

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