Cloak Firmware Upgrade

One concern that has been raised about the Cloak and a valid concern with most embedded devices is the concern about software updates.  Both the OpenWrt and the Tor projects are constantly improving functionality and fixing bugs and these new versions need to find their way into existing Cloak devices.

Our Cloak firmware build-process ensures that we include the latest updates from both these sources (and probably about a hundred more), so that our builds will always be based on the latests and including the latest bug fixes.

We have not been able to figure out a safe way of automatically updating Cloak devices.  Automatic updates generate a whole bunch of concerns – for example:

  • The possibility of someone hijacking our update site and force false updates to be flashed
  • Faulty updates (I believe that has happened to Microsoft a few times)
  • Privacy concerns (the devices will need to “phone home” and we don’t like that – nobody can pressure us into releasing information we do not have)

Until we figure out a safe way to get around these concerns (and I doubt we ever will although upgrading from a Tor hidden service would take care of the privacy concern), firmware upgrades will be a manual process by the user/owner of the Cloak device.  Fortunately it is a rather easy process as the following short video will illustrate.

Notice that user settings such as password, Wi-Fi keys and network configuration will survive firmware upgrades unaltered.

I am Lars from Bright Things UN Ltd.. I am responsible for maintaining the Cloak firmware. My profile on .

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