Month: October 2014

Wow – Facebook comes onside?

We weren’t expecting this Mr Zuckerberg. Looks like there is a whole new reason for the public to want a Tor router like Cloak. Expect a lot of fallout over this one.

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Having a chat with Adrian Wade about Cloak and privacy

We managed to sit down with Adrian Wade, project lead for the Cloak router, a basic router developed so that ordinary people can use the protection allowed by the Tor community for their own privacy without needing to know a

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Wishing you a spook free Halloween

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Tor Updates in Cloak

Runa A Sandvik asked me a question on Twitter: @LarsCloaked @thorsheim @SikkSymp Will you maintain the Tor package in OpenWRT and ensure users can easily update? — Runa A. Sandvik (@runasand) October 30, 2014 The answer to that question is

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British internet censorship

It is a serious topic, but…

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Cloak is on track

We are just three (or one generous one ) backers short of being on track after 24 hours – this is good news. Thanks to all of you who have backed us, posted and shared so far. Our biggest challenge

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Make Stephen Smile

We think that if a lot of you take action and make Cloak a success, it will make Stephen Fry smile. What do you think?

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Why Design our own Hardware?

Some people have asked, and more will probably ask, why on earth we bother designing our own hardware for the Cloak.  I will try to answer that question in this post.  Be warned, this will get rather technical. First of all,

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Cloak Is Go!

This project has been launched. Please help us help you reclaim your privacy.

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10, 9, 8, 7, 6…

We just submitted this demo video at request of Kickstarter.  The engineers are in the basement strapping down the servers and making final preparations. The campaign manager is stuck in a perpetual email checking loop. Not long now….  

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